Introduction to Digital Photography

Introduction to Digital Photography by Dennis Lee has been designed for the photographer who wants to learn how to use their DSLR to take better pictures. The ultimate goal is to create a beautiful image but today's cameras are more computer than camera and wading through all the technology can distract the best of us from making a picture. Dennis' approach is to help you perfect technique and get all the 'hard stuff' out of the way so you can concentrate on making art. As photographers, we need to be thinking about light, mood, colour, shape and other compositional elements instead of getting caught up in how to turn our flash on or figuring out how to avoid taking a blurry picture. Dennis is a seasoned instructor and award winning photographer. Join him in this intensive, hands on course as helps you master your camera. Through demos and hands on guidance, you will be on the fast track to making better images. Dennis takes you deep into the technical side of digital picture making so that you can master your camera and put more energy and thought into compositional elements of creating an image.

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Duration: 2 Days


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:


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