Get More Business Using Google AdWordsTM Level 1

Whether you are a For-Profit Company, a Not-for-Profit, or a Government Service Provider, you can get ‘more business’ and serve your customers and clients better using Google AdWords. This hands-on workshop shows you how. Get More Business Using Google AdWords Level 1 helps you get comfortable with powerful tools that help you target your marketing specifically to the kinds of prospects who are looking for what you provide. Not only that, the workshop teaches you how to control your campaign budget and optimize your Return-on-Investment.

Our dynamic team of experienced instructors are experts in online marketing and have lengthy experience using Google AdWords to run campaigns for their own business. Their experience and knowledge will help you quickly learn not only ‘how to play the game’, but also, effective strategies for winning. Level 2 is available for those wishing to learn more about how to optimize Return-on-Investment.

With our extensive knowledge of the different software currently on the market, including all Microsoft and Adobe applications, ON-TRACK Corporate Training Ltd. has a diverse and flexible schedule that can be customized to your needs – we offer group course (both public and corporate), one-on-one training, and on-site training options. We also have easily accessible on-line training videos available.

Duration: 1 Day




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