Microsoft Access 2007 Level 2

Make more informed decisions by effectively tracking, reporting, and sharing information with Microsoft Access.

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Duration: 1 Day


  • Understand When And How To Implement Full Or Partial Referential Integrity
  • Create Single And Multiple Field Indexes And Tables
  • Check The Integrity Of A Database
  • Use The Toolbox To Design Forms From Scratch
  • Use Calculated Fields
  • Understand The Expression Syntax Related To Calculated Fields In Sub-Forms
  • Use Report Grouping And Create Mailing Labels




Section 1 - Building the Database

Setting Up The Tables
Relationships Review
Establishing Relationships and Referential Integrity
Single Field Indexes
Multiple Field Indexes
Checking Database Integrity and Entering Sample Data
Summary of Section 1

Section 2 - Advanced Form Creation Part 1

The Toolbox
Creating an Invoice
The ‘Drop Down’ Combo Box
Creating Subforms – A Review
Summary of Section 2

Section 3 - Advanced Queries part 1

Building Expressions With Queries
Operators, Literals, Identifiers, and Functions in Expressions
Summary of Section 3

Section 4 - Advanced Form Creation Part 2

Using a Query-Based Sub-form
Calculated Fields With Forms
Creating a Switchboard
Summary of Section 4

Section 5 - Creating Orders

Using the Invoice To Create Orders
Summary of Section 5

Section 6 - Advanced Queries Part 2

Calculating Totals
Parameter Queries
Summary of Section 6

Section 7 - Advanced Reports

Report Design
Mailing Labels
Summary of Section 7

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