Microsoft Access 2010 Level 3

Make more informed decisions by effectively tracking, reporting, and sharing information with Microsoft Access.

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Duration: 1 Day


  • Explain 3 steps to "Normalize' a database
  • Explain 3 types of database relationships
  • Use the Table Analyzer Wizard
  • Explain query join properties
  • Create command buttons on a form and attach macros
  • Create action queries
  • Use the IIF function to determine if a condition exists
  • Use the Sum and Avg functions in a report
  • Link and Import external data into Access
  • Explain 2 ways to implement startup security.




Section 1- Structure

Understanding The Sample Database
Relationships Review

Section 2 - Getting Database Information

Creating a Form Lookup
Query Join Properties
Form Letters using Reports
Macros and the Where Condition
Using Command Buttons
Creating Reports for MS Word
Trimming Fields
Merging Data and Reports to MS Word

Section 3 - Database Maintenance Using Action Queries

Update Queries
Delete Queries
Make table Queries
Append Queries
Crosstab Queries

Section 4- Calculated Fields with Functions

The Immediate If statement (IIF)
Reviewing Calculations in Sub-forms
The Average and Sum Functions

Section 5- Linking and Importing

Linking external files to your database
Importing files

Section 6 - Database Security

Adding a Database password
Startup Security

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